Book Review of ‘Death and the Naked Lady’ / ‘The Lady and the Cheetah’ by John Flagg in the Lancashire Post

LEP.CO.UK - Death and the Naked Lady/The Lady and the Cheetah by John Flagg

“John Flagg, pseudonym of American crime writer John Gearon who died in 1970, delivers a barrage of murder and mayhem in two fabulous 1951 mysteries…with the added bonus of a suspense-packed short story.”

My review of Death and the Naked Lady / The Lady and the Cheetah by John Flagg is published today in the Lancashire Evening Post and syndicated to 25 newspapers across the UK.

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Book Review: Erle Stanley Gardner’s ‘The Knife Slipped’ for the Lancashire Evening Post

LEP.CO.UK - The Knife Slipped by Erle Stanley Gardner

“After a forty-six year lull, the frosted office door of ‘B. Cool, Investigations’ swings open once more as the lovable private eye team of ‘hard as nails’ boss Bertha Cool and her ‘little runt’ operative, Donald Lam, set to work on a tough new case in The Knife Slipped.

Bestselling American author Erle Stanley Gardner, who died in 1970 – creator of famous fictional attorney Perry Mason – posthumously returns with this newly unearthed hard-boiled detective novel.”

My review of Erle Stanley Gardner’s never-before-published Cool & Lam mystery novel, The Knife Slipped, is published today in the Lancashire Evening Post and syndicated to 25 newspapers across the UK.

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Book Review of Lawrence Block’s ‘Sinner Man’ for the Lancashire Evening Post

LEP.CO.UK - Sinner Man by Lawrence Block

“First published in 1968 and thought lost for many years, acclaimed US mystery writer Lawrence Block’s riveting, unflinching first crime novel is at long last reprinted. Written in the winter of 1959, Sinner Man is Block’s first novel-length piece of crime fiction.

“Block is a naturally talented writer, very adept at getting readers invested in his stories and making you truly care what actually happens to the central characters. This book is no different in that respect, and by the end you can’t help but smile at the ironic twist and find yourself eager to get started on another of his crime novels… and fortunately, there are plenty of them.”

My review of Sinner Man by Lawrence Block is published today in the Lancashire Evening Post, and syndicated to 25 newspapers across the UK.

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LEP.CO.UK - Swampjack Virus by Nicholas Litchfield

“British-born Nicholas Litchfield, a librarian, journalist and researcher who has settled down in Western New York, pays homage to both his old homeland and the classic thriller-adventure spy novels of the 1950s and ’60s in this exciting and wryly funny adventure novel.

Swampjack Virus, a fast-paced, well-plotted and gripping 21st century espionage thriller, follows a middle-aged, maverick CIA agent on a deadly assignment through England’s dark, satanic landscape.

Litchfield paints a pitch perfect portrait of a delightfully offbeat US spy who bucks the trend by coming out of the heat and into the cold.”
— Lancashire Evening Post

The Lancashire Evening Post features an excellent book review of Swampjack Virus today. The review is available to read on their website or in various other regional newspapers. There will also be a review published in the printed version of the Lancashire Evening Post on the 28th of October.

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