Nicholas Litchfield is the founding editor of the literary magazine Lowestoft Chronicle, author of the suspense novel Swampjack Virus, and editor of nine literary anthologies. He has worked in various countries as a journalist, librarian, and media researcher and resides in western New York. Formerly, a book reviewer for the Lancashire Evening Post and syndicated to twenty-five newspapers across the UK, he now writes for Publishers Weekly and Colorado State University’s literary journal Colorado Review.


Issue 41 of Lowestoft Chronicle

Issue #41 of the literary magazine Lowestoft Chronicle features fiction by Robert Boucheron, James Gallant, Robert Mangeot, and Jennifer Swallow; poetry by Mickey J. Corrigan, Daniel Galef, Richard Luftig, Ron Singer, and Lee Clark Zumpe; and creative nonfiction by E.O. Connors, Summer Koester, and Warren Merkel. Plus, check out my exclusive interview with acclaimed historical …

Litchfield reviews ‘A Forgotten Evil’ for the Colorado Review

“Rich in detail and exquisite prose, and with an unpredictable, weaving narrative, A Forgotten Evil is an ambitious, impressively told tale full of vivid landscapes and unique characters with an authentic voice and a distinctive presence. Russell convincingly conveys the gory conflicts, the injustice felt by Native Americans and their acts of retaliation, and the …