Nicholas Litchfield is the founding editor of the literary magazine Lowestoft Chronicle, author of the suspense novel Swampjack Virus, and editor of nine literary anthologies. He has worked in various countries as a journalist, librarian, and media researcher and resides in western New York. Formerly, a book reviewer for the Lancashire Evening Post and syndicated to twenty-five newspapers across the UK, he now writes for Publishers Weekly and Colorado State University’s literary journal Colorado Review.


The Vicarious Traveler: A Lowestoft Chronicle Anthology

The Vicarious Traveler: A Lowestoft Chronicle Anthology The Vicarious Traveler, the newest Lowestoft Chronicle Anthology, was published this week. It includes a foreword by Michael C. Keith, a professor emeritus at Boston College best known for his excellent memoir The Next Better Place. Author Keith Rosson, who penned the literary novels The Mercy of the …

Litchfield reviews ‘When I Can’t Sleep’ for the Colorado Review

On When I Can’t Sleep: “In this supremely entertaining collection of bite-size yarns that combine humor, pathos, and razor-sharp reverie, prize-winning micro fiction maestro Robert Garner McBrearty stirs and startles and makes the reader shake with laughter. When it comes to real short, real brutal, poignant and punchy works of comic cleverness, McBrearty is the …