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“A fast-paced, well-plotted and gripping 21st century espionage thriller…Litchfield paints a pitch perfect portrait of a delightfully offbeat US spy who bucks the trend by coming out of the heat and into the cold. Swampjack Virus, with its ironic undertones, charismatic cast and nail-biting suspense, takes us on a high-speed, rollercoaster journey from the opulent colonial lake houses in New York State to the slate-grey industrial towns and bleak back lanes of England. Don’t miss the all-action adventure…”
— Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Post

“Bond fans take notice: With Swampjack Virus, Nicholas Litchfield has penned a fast-paced spy-guy thriller filled to the brim with suspense and old-school intrigue. Swampjack Virus will leave readers shaken, stirred …and thirsty for more.”
— Matthew P. Mayo, Spur Award-winning author of Stranded and Tucker’s Reckoning

“Swampjack Virus possesses all the qualities of a classic thriller. It is taut, intense and engaging from start to finish. Litchfield gives us a tale well worth our time.”
— Michael C. Keith, acclaimed author of The Next Better Place

“Nicholas Litchfield is to be congratulated for populating this world with a truly fascinating cast of characters.”
—Mary Donaldson-Evans, author of Madame Bovary at the Movies and Medical Examinations

“How did I not know about the Lowestoft Chronicle? If you’re late to this travel and literary parade as well, check out Nicholas Litchfield’s superb online journal specializing in all things to do with travel, literature, and the overlap between these life-nourishing activities.”
—James R. Benn, acclaimed author of the Billy Boyle World War II mystery series

“Once again, editor Nicholas Litchfield, an English-born author who lives in Western New York, has put together an entertaining compendium of original and amusing travelogues, poetic reflections, and tales of far-flung adventure that range from science fiction and fantasy to mystery and crime, offering something for all tastes.”
Blackpool Gazette

“I’m delighted that a place exists for this kind of travel writing. Nicholas Litchfield has put together something very special, something to celebrate, enjoy, savor.”
—Jay Parini, internationally bestselling author of The Last Station and The Passages of H.M.

“Other Places is the latest anthology of stories, poems, non-fiction, and interviews taken from the Lowestoft Chronicle, the excellent on-line literary magazine founded and edited by Nicholas Litchfield. If you’re interested in literary fiction, I highly recommend the Lowestoft Chronicle, and Other Places is a great sampling of the sort of work you can find there. Lowestoft editor Nicholas Litchfield always asks interesting questions and puts together a fine on-line magazine of fiction, poetry, and writing-related features.”
— James Reasoner, bestselling author

“Armchair travelers, rejoice! Editor Nicholas Litchfield has released Lowestoft Chronicle‘s anthology for summer 2015, Other Places. The stories and poems vary in tone from dead serious to delightful whimsy, offering something for every taste.”
—Mary Beth Magee, Examiner.com

“Editor Nicholas Litchfield has once again done admirable work in selecting and presenting a memorable miscellany of fiction, nonfiction, and verse that beckons to literary travelers and leads them onward from one entertaining stop to another, smoothly mixing the temptation to linger with the desire to race ahead and see what is next on this intriguing journey.”
—Timothy J. Lockhart, author of Smith and Pirates

“Critic Nicholas Litchfield’s introduction, “The Gangster Novel Writer Who Was Shot with Luck,” provides an engaging look at Burnett and his work.”
—Connie Fletcher, Booklist (Starred review)

“The stories, poems, and essays in Nicholas Litchfield’s latest anthology, Grand Departures, are haunting, idiosyncratic, and unexpected, like the true delights of travel.”
—Ivy Goodman, award-winning author of Heart Failure

“Very happy to be included in the latest Lowestoft Chronicle. This, their summer issue, number 42, is filled with all kinds of quirky fiction, flash, poetry, and non-fiction mixing humor with travel, or is it travel with humor? I swear I’ve witnessed both in this life! I salute Nicholas Litchfield for seeing this fine online journal into print quarter after quarter.”
— Marc Harshman, Poet Laureate of West Virginia

“This is a fine anthology that I found both provocative and enjoyable. Highest praise: it made me want to write short stories again.”
—Luke Rhinehart, internationally bestselling author of The Dice Man

“A refreshingly original collection of sharp tales. In this new collection, editor Litchfield presents a selection of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and interviews about journeys. Overall, it’s entertaining, varied, and clever writing.”
Kirkus Reviews

“If you still aren’t sated by this literary banquet, tuck into Litchfield’s incisive and enlightening interviews with three critically acclaimed, multitalented writers. Other Places is the perfect holiday destination, offering truly original locations, a cast of unforgettable travellers, some fun-filled outings, and plenty of local colour.”
Lancaster Guardian