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Issue 43 of Lowestoft Chronicle


Lowestoft Chronicle #43

Lowestoft Chronicle #43

In a recent interview in the South Florida Poetry Journal poet George Moore, author of Children’s Drawings of the Universe, among other fine collections, singled out the literary magazine Lowestoft Chronicle for the consistent quality and variety of its poetry. “I was bred on print journals, of course, but I’ve gotten close to a number of online journals that I stay in touch with and read whenever a notice of a new issue comes up. I keep up with Lowestoft Chronicle, who do a fine job with a range of poetic tastes.”

The latest edition of Lowestoft Chronicle, issue #43, delivers entertaining and thoughtful contributions from seasoned poet Robert Beveridge and Marc Harshman, the poet laureate for the State of West Virginia. The issue also features exceptional fiction by Scott Anderson, Rob Dinsmoor, Stan Dryer, Tim Frank, Dave Gregory, David Hagerty, John B. Mahaffie, and Leah Holbrook Sackett, and creative nonfiction by Don Noel.

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