The fate of the country depended on his knowledge and expertise — and how well he knew his own brother!

In a joint venture between the United States and Great Britain, the CIA and SIS have been covertly developing a highly sophisticated new cyber weapon. But then Peter Chapley, a key CIA operative working within SIS, mysteriously disappears in a London underground station while in possession of the prototype weapon. The Head of Weapons Intelligence at the CIA calls on Peter’s own brother, retired agent Roger Chapley, for help. Roger’s straightforward final assignment is to track down Peter in London and recover the weapon before it falls into enemy hands. The complicated part of the mission is determining whom to trust and what is fact from fiction, and whether or not his brother has turned traitor!

ISBN-13: 978-0982536551
Trade Paperback | Lowestoft Chronicle Press | 10/21/2013
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“Bond fans take notice: With Swampjack Virus, Nicholas Litchfield has penned a fast-paced spy-guy thriller filled to the brim with suspense and old-school intrigue. Swampjack Virus will leave readers shaken, stirred…and thirsty for more.”
Matthew P. Mayo, Spur Award-winning author of Tucker’s Reckoning

“A fast-paced, well-plotted and gripping 21st century espionage thriller…Litchfield paints a pitch perfect portrait of a delightfully offbeat US spy who bucks the trend by coming out of the heat and into the cold. Swampjack Virus, with its ironic undertones, charismatic cast and nail-biting suspense, takes us on a high-speed, rollercoaster journey from the opulent colonial lake houses in New York State to the slate-grey industrial towns and bleak back lanes of England. Don’t miss the all-action adventure…”
Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post

Swampjack Virus possesses all the qualities of a classic thriller. It is taut, intense and engaging from start to finish. Litchfield gives us a tale well worth our time.”
Michael C. Keith, author of The Next Better Place

Anthologies Edited


Grand Departures
(Lowestoft Chronicle Anthology Series, #6)

Inside GRAND DEPARTURES: A married couple quickly regret winning a luxury holiday for two when they’re caught in the middle of a foreign revolution. In France, an outspoken wine critic seeks absolution for his scathing reviews when he’s barred from sampling the latest saintly concoctions. And in Narodistan, a father will stop at nothing for the safe return of his daughter from Florida…

Features the best prose and poetry from the literary magazine Lowestoft Chronicle. Includes prose and poetry by Elaine Barnard, Roland Barnes, William Quincy Belle, Doug Bolling, Bill Cole, Eileen Cunniffe, Colin Dodds, Liz Dolan, Nancy Ford Dugan, Justine Dymond, Gina Ferrara, Nancy Scott Hanway, David Havird, Ashley Mace Havird, Caroline Horwitz, Michael C. Keith, Tina Koenig, Robert Mangeot, Robert Garner McBrearty, Frank Mundo, Ryan Napier, Jim Plath, Christina Selby, Scott Solomon, J.E.A. Wallace, and Olga Wojtas.

ISBN-13: 978-0982536582
Trade Paperback | Lowestoft Chronicle Press | 11/1/2016
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“The stories, poems, and essays in Nicholas Litchfield’s latest anthology, Grand Departures, are haunting, idiosyncratic, and unexpected, like the true delights of travel.”
— Ivy Goodman, award-winning author of Heart Failure and A Chapter from Her Upbringing

“A father putting his life on the line searching for his daughter in the swamps of Florida, a girlfriend who finds her soul mate on a butte in the Badlands, a wife who tolerates her husband’s eccentricities in Vatican City, and a writer and his agent traveling from one bizarre topic to another to find the perfect, next thing in literature. These are only a smattering of the poignant and funny stories, memoirs, and poems found in this must-have collection of travelers’ delights and demons.”
— Nancy Caronia, contributor to Somewhere, Sometime and co-editor of Personal Effects

“An impressive collection of travel works that sweeps the reader across the globe. The characters here, though sometimes lost in distant lands and curious customs, never fail to be lost in wonder. Here is your ticket to travel with them, to lose yourself in these pages, to satisfy your inner nomad.”
— Dorene O’Brien, award-winning author of Voices of the Lost and Found


Other Places
(Lowestoft Chronicle Anthology Series, #5)

Inside OTHER PLACES: A university scholar discovers an extraordinary book in a public library that leads him on an adventure through Greece to converse with the prophetess, Sibyl. In Brazil, an attractive, flirtatious woman leads a surfer to battle more than just the waves. And in Pamplona, disaster strikes at the festival of San Fermin when the Running of the Bulls event takes a dangerous turn…

Features the very best prose and poetry from the literary magazine Lowestoft Chronicle. Includes work by Raymond Abbott, William Quincy Belle, Peter Biello, Robert Boucheron, Geoffrey B. Cain, Scott Dominic Carpenter, Stephen Cloud, Mary Donaldson-Evans, Soren A. Gauger, David Hagerty, David Havird, C.B. Heinemann, Michael C. Keith, Victor Robert Lee, Robert Mangeot, dl mattila, Joe Mills, John Mueter, Matt Nestor, Mona Zutshi Opubor, Jay Parini, Kevin Quigley, Sheldon Russell, Robert Sachs, James Stark, and Allister Timms.

ISBN-13: 9780982536568
Trade Paperback | Lowestoft Chronicle Press | 07/01/2015
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“In the age of tweets and sound bites, it’s heartening to read Other Places, a publication celebrating the power and beauty of a story well told.”
—Sheldon Russell, author of the Hook Runyon Mystery series

Other Places, a mouth-watering feast of short stories, poems, narrative non-fiction, and in-depth interviews, is the latest anthology from the much-admired Lowestoft Chronicle, an eclectic and innovative online journal. Packed into the pages are stories to entice, enthral, and entertain. Litchfield also serves up a tasty blend of pleasing and deftly prepared poems. And if you still aren’t sated by this literary banquet, tuck into Litchfield’s incisive and enlightening interviews with three critically acclaimed, multitalented writers.”
Lancashire Evening Post

“I really loved the latest anthology from Lowestoft, Other Places. It’s a brilliant, savory, sharp, amusing and varied taste of my favorite magazine, Lowestoft Chronicle. I’m delighted that a place exists for this kind of travel writing—if that’s a term for it. And it’s not a good one. This is just great writing about place, ranging from the spirit of place to the human spirit. Go anywhere with Lowestoft. And enjoy the trip.”
—Jay Parini, internationally bestselling author of The Passages of H.M.

Other Places is the usual delightful mix of stories, poems, author interviews, and non-fiction gleaned from the pages of the Lowestoft Chronicle, the only literary magazine I read on a regular basis. Always entertaining and insightful, Other Places is well worth your time, whether you’re a veteran traveler or a hermit like me!”
—James Reasoner, Rough Edges 

“Armchair travelers, rejoice! Editor Nicholas Litchfield has released Lowestoft Chronicle’s anthology for summer 2015, Other Places. Filled with fiction, nonfiction and poetry about travel and destinations, the book brings the far corners of the world to the reader’s armchair. The stories and poems vary in tone from dead serious to delightful whimsy, offering something for every taste. Humor, adventure and mystery share the pages with intriguing result.”

“Sick of fly-by journalism and travel dilettantes? The antidote is Lowestoft Chronicle’s most recent anthology, Other Places—a collection of essays, stories, and poetry devoted to the in-depth experience of culture. Whether humorous, touching, or revelatory, these expertly curated pieces throw you in contact with the real.”
—Scott Dominic Carpenter, author of Theory of Remainders