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Litchfield Reviews Ed Lacy’s ‘The Men from the Boys’

LEP.CO.UK - The Men from the Boys by Ed Lacy

Hardboiled crime from 1956 (The Men from the Boys)

“Frank, provocative and untamed, Marty Bond is an impressively colourful, distinctive character whose presence makes this competent mystery novel infinitely more enjoyable. He’s bigoted and morally deficient, and when he doesn’t wound with his tongue, he lets his powerful fists do the talking.

Lacy expertly manages to bring a sympathetic aspect to the mean, hard-edged Marty, and for all his crude, derogative talk, the reader can’t help but root for him and want to find out how the story ends.”

Featured today in the Lancashire Post is my review of The Men from the Boys, an entertaining standalone mystery by acclaimed crime novelist Ed Lacy, the pseudonym of Edgar Award-winning American novelist Len Zinberg who died in 1968. You can read the full review at the web link below or at other syndicated newspapers.