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The Lover / The Mistress / The Passionate by Carter Brown (Introduction by Nicholas Litchfield)

A couple of weeks ago, Bookgasm published a glowing review of the newly released Stark House Press collection THE LOVER / THE MISTRESS / THE PASSIONATE. These three novels by Carter Brown (pseudonym of the late British-born Australian pulp writer Alan Geoffrey Yates) are part of the publisher’s ongoing Al Wheeler Mystery Series. This collection marks Wheeler’s thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth adventure and is volume number five in the current Carter Brown reprints series.

“The introduction to this new edition, by editor and author Nicholas Litchfield, traces Brown’s remarkably prolific output and speculates if the popularity of the Al Wheeler series was due to the original cover illustrations by Robert McGinnis. But Litchfield accurately observes, ‘The focus is not on bullets and bloodshed and grisly violence but Wheeler’s wisecracks, comebacks, and witty banter,'” writes Bookgasm book critic Alan Cranis. “These three novels are a good starting point for readers new to Carter Brown and the Al Wheeler mysteries. Once hooked, newcomers will undoubtedly seek out the earlier republished collections and join the ever-growing ranks of Al Wheeler fans.”

The full Bookgasm review is available at the following weblink: http://www.bookgasm.com/reviews/crime/the-lover-the-mistress-the-passionate/.