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Litchfield Reviews Matthew P. Mayo’s Timberline for the Lancashire Post

LEP.CO.UK - Timberline by Matthew P. Mayo

“In keeping with other Roamer adventures, Timberline is a nimbly told tale of rough justice and frontier survival with fierce action, intense danger, and high-grade excitement. A rousing, first-rate read!”

My review of Timberline, another action-packed Roamer western adventure by the always-excellent Matthew P. Mayo, is featured today in the Lancashire Post and syndicated to 25 regional newspapers across England.

A past winner of the Western Writers of America’s Spur Award for Best Western Novel, Mayo is a dab hand at carving out enthralling stories set in the American Old West, and this third installment in the Roamer series in one of the author’s best novels.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been fortunate to review three of Mayo’s books for British newspapers, and I was tickled pink when I discovered that a snippet of my review of this splendid novel was featured on the front cover of this fine hardback edition from Five Star. Long may the series continue!

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