Issue 41 of Lowestoft Chronicle


Lowestoft Chronicle #41

Lowestoft Chronicle #41

Issue #41 of the literary magazine Lowestoft Chronicle features fiction by Robert Boucheron, James Gallant, Robert Mangeot, and Jennifer Swallow; poetry by Mickey J. Corrigan, Daniel Galef, Richard Luftig, Ron Singer, and Lee Clark Zumpe; and creative nonfiction by E.O. Connors, Summer Koester, and Warren Merkel. Plus, check out my exclusive interview with acclaimed historical fiction writer Sheldon Russell.

James Gallant, award-winning author of La Leona and Other Guitar Stories, praised the current issue as “a pleasing jaunt through a variety of spaces real and fictive, with a stylistic variety to match the geographical.” And Mickey J. Corrigan, author of Project XX and What I Did for Love, said of the Spring 2020 edition: “This month’s issue of Lowestoft Chronicle takes us around the world in 40 minutes (more or less) with a delightful pastry hunt in Venice, a pinball match in Paris, a map view of Saskatchewan (Prince Albert is still in his can), and more. Funny, sweet, and sensuous, this is armchair travel at its best.”

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