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An Adventurous Spirit Reviewed in Seattle Book Review

An Adventurous Spirit

Over the years, I’ve appreciated book reviews in the Sacramento Book Review and San Francisco Book Review. These websites, managed by City Book Review, are just two of the nine brands. Since the days I started reading them, the company has rapidly expanded. Apparently, a tenth brand, New York Book Review, is coming soon. Surprisingly, the content on each of the websites is distinctly different.

So, imagine my surprise and absolute delight when I stumbled across a glowing review of An Adventurous Spirit, the most recent book in the Lowestoft Chronicle Anthology Series. I wish I had seen it sooner.

There was a time I wasn’t sure I wanted to take on another anthology. Although it seems like a straightforward venture, the amount of work it takes to get these mixed-form anthologies designed, published, and promoted is immense. But despite not wanting to put in the work, it felt wrong not to promote these wonderful pieces of prose and poetry to the book world.

Happily, the Seattle Book Review selected our anthology from the hundreds of general submissions they receive each year and gave it a resoundingly good critique. Awarding it 4.5 stars, Julia McMichael writes: I know every serious reader is awash with excitement when they accidentally discover a treasure trove of excellent writing. This volume lives up to its claim of spirited adventure… The poetry also is remarkable. This book is a great find.”

You can read the full review here (https://seattlebookreview.com/product/an-adventurous-spirit/)