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Lowestoft Chronicle Issue 56

Lowestoft Chronicle #56

Lowestoft Chronicle #56

The winter 2023 volume of Lowestoft Chronicle features exceptional travel essays by Tim Morris and Daniel Robinson, poetry by David Havird, Julie Allyn Johnson, Susanna Kittredge, and George Moore, and stories by James Gallant, Mark Jacobs, Brian Sacca, Stuart Watson, and Chila Woychik. There’s also an absorbing story from Diana Senechal, author of Republic of Noise and Mind over Memes.

Senechal had this to say of the current edition: “What fun! My favorite pieces include “The National Road” by Tim Morris (a magnificent piece), “High Relief” by David Havird (full of wonderful twists), “The Fires” by George Moore, “The Bear’s Bear” by Brian Sacca, and “Paris Is Still Burning” by Daniel Robinson. Something about Lowestoft Chronicle makes me savor the reading throughout. There’s a feel of curling up with a book, or a pile of books, and traveling along. Maybe it’s the travel and humor theme that generates this momentum: the mind follows the pieces’ travels and wants to keep on going (and laughing).”

Lowestoft Chronicle has been around since 2009, and for better or worse, it’s scarcely changed since the first issue. However, during that time, the literary landscape has changed rapidly. While those venerated, top-tier periodicals are more exclusive than ever—bolstered by subscription fees and gated from writers by rising submission fees—there’s a surfeit of free online magazines readily available for those with an interest in short fiction or poetry. Reader’s favorites change with the season, but LC’s popularity remains consistent—some might say that it has yet to be found and read.

Google’s ranking system algorithm, arranged to measure the relevance, quality, and importance of a website, has succeeded in keeping the magazine a hidden secret. And so, special thanks go out to bestselling author James Reasoner, who recently made these kind and flattering remarks regarding the caliber of the magazine:

“The Lowestoft Chronicle is the only literary magazine I read. The level of the writing is always superb, the variety in the content means there’s always something of interest, and the artwork, an example of which is above, is excellent. I recommend it highly, and you can read the new issue online here.”

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