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Issue 47 of Lowestoft Chronicle

Lowestoft Chronicle #47

Lowestoft Chronicle #47

Lowestoft Chronicle #47
Lowestoft Chronicle #47

This bumper Autumn 2021 edition of Lowestoft Chronicle features first-class essays, stories, and poetry by returning contributors Sharon Frame Gay, Bruce Harris, Jacqueline Jules, George Moore, and Katherine Pickett. As a matter of fact, the entertaining nonfiction story “An Elegy for Shoes” marks Pickett’s welcome return to the magazine after a ten-year absence.

Newcomers to Lowestoft Chronicle include Robert Luhn, Carolyn R. Russell, Jen Burke Anderson, Amy Barone, Shoshauna Shy, Tim Campbell, and Harper Warner. There’s also an absorbing new story from acclaimed writer Laurence Klavan, author of ‘The Family Unit’ and Other Fantasies and Bed and Sofa, among others. Klavan, who won the Edgar Award for his novel Mrs. White, had this to say of the magazine: “Retro and contemporary, sophisticated and accessible—and beautifully designed—Lowestoft Chronicle is a truly entertaining magazine. Unique in the crowd of online publications, it takes an old world approach to our weird new world.”

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