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Lancashire Post Review of Invigorating Passages: A Lowestoft Chronicle Anthology

LEP.CO.UK - Invigorating Passages Edited by Nicholas Litchfield

Invigorating Passages: A Lowestoft Chronicle Anthology

Invigorating Passages is a rare and dynamic literary collection which grabs readers firmly and sweeps them away to strange and exhilarating places, presenting intriguing situations, colourful characters, and making us yearn to strap on the backpack and go exploring.” —Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Post

The latest volume in the Lowestoft Chronicle Anthology Series goes on sale on April 1st. I like to think that this book is one of the best we’ve published yet. It even contains a terrific foreword by Matthew P. Mayo who, just two weeks ago, won the Western Writers of America Spur Award for Best Western Juvenile Fiction for his novel Stranded.

Recently, the anthology received high praise from the excellent writer Robert Wexelblatt, award-winning author of Zublinka Among Women. “Two things one wants from an anthology: everything should be different and everything should be good. An anthology of travel writing—generously conceived, like this one–should serve up a variety of trips to surprise and stimulate the mental traveler. Invigorating Passages delivers on all counts, hits on all cylinders too. Here you will find journeys not only to varied locales in space and time but into the inexhaustible intricacies of human psychology, adventures of all sorts and in every genre: poetry, nonfiction, stories. The writing is skilled, the choices rich, the passages manifold, and the invigoration unfailing.”

The book also received a wonderful review today in the Lancashire Post, one of the oldest newspapers still in circulation. Journalist Pam Norfolk had these kind things to say about the book:

“Looking for drama, adventure and a taste of the exotic? Then look no further than the latest anthology from the refreshingly unique Lowestoft Chronicle, Suffolk’s leading literary journal.

Invigorating Passages, the seventh enthralling book in the magazines anthology series, offers up offbeat fiction, stimulating poetry, incisive interviews and engaging creative non-fiction, all with a sharp focus on those spirited souls who revel in taking to the skies, the seas and the roads in order to escape the humdrum everyday and rove the globe.

Once again, editor Nicholas Litchfield, an English-born author who lives in Western New York, has put together an entertaining compendium of original and amusing travelogues, poetic reflections, and tales of far-flung adventure that range from science fiction and fantasy to mystery and crime, offering something for all tastes.

So, take a leisurely literary stroll through Lowestoft Chronicle’s latest offering and lap up the life-nourishing gulps of humour, drama and thought-provoking adventure.”

Pam Norfolk’s review of Invigorating Passages is published in the Lancashire Evening Post and syndicated to 25 newspapers in the UK. You can read the full review here.